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Lakota Riders in Prague

Lakota Riders in Prague
A Photography project in Praha 1, Czech Republic by Ken Marchionno

About this project

In 2004 I was invited by members of the Lakota Indian nation to photograph the O’maka Tokatakiya, Future Generations Ride. It is an annual event, over two weeks in December, following the trail that lead to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. It runs nearly three hundred miles on horseback across the South Dakota winter and was originally a memorial to Chief Big Foot and those who were slain. In 1990, the hundredth anniversary of the massacre, a Wiping of the Tears Ceremony signaled the end of mourning and was a nod toward the future. Read the rest of this entry


Future Generations Teen Photojournalism Project

The Future Generations Teen Photojournalism Project started in 2006.

Jessica Peters and TaTanka Canté Hokshila (TC) Hill, both from Wakpala, Standing Rock Reservation, were the first students. They were given cameras and photographed the 2006 Oomaka Tokatakiya, Future Generations Ride–each night downloading images and making prints for the riders along the way. You can see their work here. Read the rest of this entry

O’maka Tokatakiya ‘Future Generation Ride’

Young Lakota riders complete another year of prayer 2010-12-29
By Vi Waln Times Editor

WOUNDED KNEE, SD – They gave up their warm beds and spent Christmas away from their families. For the last two weeks many Lakota young people have been committed to prayer as they rode their horses along the same frozen trail Chief Big Foot and his band followed 120 years ago after the murder of Sitting Bull on Standing Rock. Read the rest of this entry