Future Generations Teen Photojournalism Project

The Future Generations Teen Photojournalism Project started in 2006.

Jessica Peters and TaTanka Canté Hokshila (TC) Hill, both from Wakpala, Standing Rock Reservation, were the first students. They were given cameras and photographed the 2006 Oomaka Tokatakiya, Future Generations Ride–each night downloading images and making prints for the riders along the way. You can see their work here.

The Future Generations Ride is an offshoot of the Big Foot Memorial Ride that ran from 1986 to 1990. The original ride started on the 22nd of December and traced the route taken by Big Foot (leader of the Miniconjou Lakota from the Cheyenne River Reservation) and his people, as they made their way from their camp near Bridger to where they were surrounded by the Seventh Calvary and killed near Wounded Knee Creek. Today the ride starts at Sitting Bull Camp, near Bull Head, to mark the anniversary of Sitting Bull’s death, and follows the route taken by some of his followers to join Big Foot. The ride then continues the rest of the way along Big Foot’s trail.

Over the years, numerous photographers and film crews have visited the Ride at various points along the trail. They come and take pictures, then go away. Since before Edward S. Curtis, tribes in the US have had a suspect relationship with photography. And two years ago a youth organizer from Standing Rock Reservation, Manaja Hill, expressed interest in the photographers giving back.

This is our third year. Under the direction of Los Angeles based photographer, Ken Marchionno, the students are provided cameras, a computer, a printer, transportation, and food. They are instructed in photographic and computer techniques, and each night make selections and prints from the day’s pictures.

In 2007 two students from Cheyenne River, Sandy Frank and Joshua Hale produced daily essays that were uploaded from the field each evening. In 2008 we will continue our daily postings.


photos by :TC Hill, Sandy Frank, Joshua Hale, and Jessica Peters

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